Somerville MCR takes its responsibilities for student welfare seriously, and we’re always keen to provide any support we can. Whether it’s an issue in college or you are having trouble in your department you’re welcome to talk to us about any problem, big or small and we will do our best to help.

As well as being there to listen, your welfare reps will also provide a weekly Welfare Tea during term time. This is a chance to have a break from work, chat with other MCR members, and enjoy some free cake and snacks provided by the MCR.

Another responsibility of the welfare officers is to provide contraceptives and sanitary products in case of emergencies. These are available in the cupboards in the MCR bathrooms on the ground floor of Margery Fry.

The welfare officers will have already been members of the MCR here at Somerville and have a good understanding of the networks that are in place to support students. Anything you say to us will be held in the strictest of confidence, so please don’t hesitate to email mcr.welfare@some.ox.ac.uk, or come and talk to one of the MCR Welfare reps whenever you want.

Finally, the college has put together a welfare handbook for both the MCR and the JCR which is full of handy advice to help deal with the many situations that may arise during your time in Oxford. The handbook can be found online (https://www.some.ox.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/JCR-Welfare-Booklet-19-20.pdf) or in hard copy in the MCR if you ever fancy some light reading.

We hope you have a wonderful time here at Somerville and stay well!

Gaurav Dubey & Bahar Kashef

Welfare Officers 2020

Peer Supporters

Martin Fellermeyer: on facebook or email martin.fellermeyer@rdm.ox.ac.uk

OU Coffee Ambassadors
In order to offer support independently of the university, OU Coffee Ambassadors was started last year. We’re providing welfare support to students and staff without the need to get your college or department involved.

Anything you would like to talk about. You can book a free chat with one of our ambassadors (an official peer supporter) on our website, meet up in a local café and talk about anything that matters over a free coffee.

More information: https://www.oucoffeeambassadors.com

Any other questions? Please drop Martin Fellermeyer a message or e-mail martin.fellermeyer@rdm.ox.ac.uk

Quick Useful Links

Welfare, harassment or discrimination issues can be reported anonymously here

Or an email sent to: mcr.welfare@some.ox.ac.uk

College welfare policy officer: welfare.officer@some.ox.ac.uk

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