Interested in doing sport while at Somerville? In addition to the University’s sports clubs, the College has a number of ways in which you can get involved. As with all aspects of Somerville life, the sports clubs are welcoming and inclusive regardless of your past experience or skill level and they serve as an excellent complement to academic life without encroaching upon it. While some choose college sport as a less demanding alternative to Blues (university-level) sport, others value the fact that Somerville is often fiercely competitive within the Oxford leagues and Cuppers (inter-college) events.

Keep an eye out for the Somerville Freshers’ Fair in the quad at the start of Michaelmas to meet the various college teams. Also remember that Somerville has a gym on site, has access to tennis courts near the Cherwell school as part of the Wadham/Somerville sports grounds and is conveniently located close to University Parks where members are often organising informal kickabouts (watch the MCR Facebook group). Bear in mind, however, that no ball games are allowed inside the College grounds. Feel free to contact the MCR committee if you have an idea for some equipment that we can buy, or if there’s a sport or sports team you want to start up!

The MCR Sports Rep for 2023/24 is Abednego Masai (