Interested in doing sport while at Somerville? In addition to the University’s sports clubs, the College has a number of ways in which you can get involved. As with all aspects of Somerville life, the sports clubs are welcoming and inclusive regardless of your past experience or skill level and they serve as an excellent complement to academic life without encroaching upon it. While some choose college sport as a less demanding alternative to Blues (university-level) sport, others value the fact that Somerville is often fiercely competitive within the Oxford leagues and Cuppers (inter-college) events.

Check out the Somerville Sports Facebook page, the JCR’s sports page and keep an eye out for the Somerville Freshers’ Fair in the quad at the start of Michaelmas. Also remember that Somerville has a gym on site, has access to tennis courts near the Cherwell school as part of the Wadham/Somerville sports grounds and is conveniently located close to University Parks where members are often organising informal kickabouts (watch the MCR Facebook group). Bear in mind, however, that no ball games are allowed inside the College grounds. Feel free to contact the MCR committee if you have an idea for some equipment that we can buy, or if there’s a sport or sports team you want to start up!

The MCR Sports Rep for 2017/18 is Rowan Nicholls ( and the JCR rep is Hazel Ferguson (


There are opportunities for everyone to play football at Somerville, with two men’s teams, a women’s team and (sometimes) an MCR team to cater for all standards. The time commitment is not huge with a game and a casual training session each week. Somerville football is an excellent way to socialise and meet new people from different years in college as we usually have a drink in the college bar or a pub after games and there are regular crew dates. Football is also the only sport to be played in every term, with the JCR league and the Cuppers knock-out tournament in the first two terms with five-a-side and futsal competitions in the final term. In previous years the MCR has had its own team, and we still have the jerseys.

  • Men’s 1sts: Zander Watson (
  • Men’s 2nds: Harry Bollands (
  • Women’s Captain: Talitha Slabbert (
  • MCR Captain: Kevin Judd (

 Somerville Men’s Football 2017/18

Rugby & Mixed Touch Rugby

College rugby at Oxford is a lot of fun, with matches every weekend during Michaelmas and Hilary terms, and often extremely enjoyable post-game socials. The rugby team is one of the most relaxed and inclusive teams in Oxford, with players ranging from those who have never picked up a ball to players playing for the university 1st XV – all are welcome! There is a strong sense of camaraderie within the team and in recent years this has led to a number of successes, including winning the Cupper’s Plate final last year and gaining promotion to the top tier of college rugby. If you are at all interested in turning out for the team, whether you’ve played before or not, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch

  • Captain: Daniel Tucker (
  • Vice-captain: Daniel Park (
  • Touch rugby captain: Russell Reid (

 Somerville/Corpus Rugby 2017/18
 Top Tournament


Somerville has a really friendly netball team made up of girls and a couple of boys who play in league matches throughout the season and train for the big intercollege ‘cuppers’ tournaments that take place at the end of the year (and which we won in 2015!). We have one league match and one training session every week which are always a load of team-bonding fun as well as lots of opportunities for social events with other college sports teams. If you have experience of playing netball or are new to it and want to get involved please get in contact – we’d love to see you play!

  • Captain TBA

 Somerville College Netball


Basketball is a summer sport in Oxford, with the Cuppers tournament taking place in Trinity term and 14 teams currently in the League. Basketball is a really accessible sport – you don’t need any special gear, or any experience, and it’s just one training session and match per week (usually on Thursday and Friday mornings from 10:00 to 11:00/11:30). The men’s league team play together with Queen’s College and we’re hoping to have a strong team this year, so please do get involved!

  • Men’s captain: Junming Samuel Liu (
  • While there isn’t a women’s league, any ladies who are interested are welcome to play with the guys or else tryout for the University Women’s 2nd Team.


The Somerville teams hibernate until Trinity term during which they can be found playing at the Somerville-Wadham Sports Centre courts. These may include both matches and training, depending on enthusiasm. All are welcome. Interested in organising your own casual game of tennis? The MCR has rackets that can be borrowed, and courts can be rented (£6/hour) from here (the closest courts are the ones at Alexandra Park).

  • Matthew Pugh (

 Somerville College Tennis Club

Mixed Hockey

Somerville hockey plays as a mixed men’s and women’s team for the whole year. League matches take place in Michaelmas term and Cuppers matches are in Hilary. It’s a pretty chilled team – and not a big time commitment – so even if you have never played (or haven’t played in ages) you’re more than welcome to join in. Search for the Somerville hockey group on Facebook or get in touch with a captain.

  • Captains: Andrew Wood (, Kate Inch (

Social Running

While not a formal club, casual running groups have often been set up in the past to take advantage of the great and easily accessible running routes around Oxford. Events that are open-to-all and are worth keeping an eye out for include the Athletics and Cross Country Cuppers (2nd and 3rd Weeks of Michaelmas, respectively), the Town vs Gown 10k (approx 4th Week of Trinity), the Teddy Hall Relays (8th Week of Hilary), the Oxford Half Marathon (1st Week Michaelmas) and the Oxford Park Runs (every Saturday). Looking around for some friends to join you in these races – or just for some training in Uni Parks or South Parks – can definitely be worth your while.


In the past, Somerville has had an intermediate-level training group that rode most weekends during term.

  • Captain TBA


New in 2018!

  • Sade Clarke (

Informal Football Kickabouts

Keen to get a few friends together to kick a ball about? The MCR has a football or two lying around, along with cones and mini-goals, and organises outings to Uni Parks to play every so often. Speak to the Sports Rep and/or post on the Facebook group to get that going. Bear in mind though that there are only three areas within Uni Parks that can be used for this (unless you pre-book a pitch through the Sports Department – – which costs £65 per match) and some of them have hidden metal grates (we’ve had injuries in the past!) so we recommend the one shown below:


The quintessential Oxford sport, combining strength and stamina with skill and technique. Plus there’s plenty of team spirit and camaraderie along the way. Novices are welcome (most of the club only learnt to row when they came to Oxford) and training happens throughout the year. The big College regattas are Torpids in Hilary term and Eights in Trinity term, but the club often enters others such as (WE)HoRR in London and the Fairbairns Cup in Cambridge. Somerville was one of the first Colleges to have a women’s team and still holds the record for the most Headships (overall victories) in Torpids (held jointly) and Eights. The boat house is located on the south bank (County Station) of the Isis with shared gym and erg facilities. Members also get access to the Somerville gym.

  • Men’s Captain: Toby Sanderson (
  • Women’s Captains: Rachel Donnachie ( & Lucy Bannatyne (

 Somerville College Boat Club (Group)
 Somerville College Boat Club (Page)

Swimming & Water Polo

The Somerville College Swimming Club meets at the Ferry Leisure Centre pool in Summertown. You can get there by bike, bus or by walking. The Club meets on Tuesdays at 8pm, Friday at 9pm and Sundays at 7:30pm. Most of the sessions are essentially ‘stamina’ sessions – swimming many lengths for an hour or so. If you wish to join, send an email to the address below and make sure to join the Facebook group – this is how they keep track of the number of people coming to each session. Additionally, anyone coming to a session for the first time should contact the captain because the staff at the pool have a tendency to not tell newbies the best pricing option for pool access, and we don’t want you to get swindled! Caps are available for purchase, prices depending on your dedication to the club (standard price is £4). Cuppers takes place in the 6th Week of Michaelmas Term, and was won by Somerville in 2016.

  • Swimming captain: Sasha Martiyanov (
  • Water polo captain: Charlie Keen (

 Somerville College Swimming Club


The Somerville cricket team is mixed, with men & women equally welcome, and it strives to be a really welcoming environment for MCR cricketers. If you are interested then come along – irrespective of whether you are experienced or if you’ve never played before. Things start in summer!

  • Rohan Radia (

 Somerville College Cricket Club


Somerville badminton is a casual club that welcomes all ranges of ability from all years. They aim to hold up to two sessions a week at the Ferry sports centre: a casual knock-about and a more serious ‘training’ session for matches. The ‘mens’ team (it is often mixed) participates in the intercollegiate league and Cuppers. We are always looking for new players, especially to form a mixed and a ladies team. If you are a seasoned player or even if you don’t have any experience, get in contact!

  • Tony Zhou (

 Somerville College Badminton Society

Table Tennis

With the (re)introduction of the ping pong table in the Park JCR, table tennis is now an excellent (and extra) way of procrastinating! Whether you’re an expert or have never held a bat before, all players are welcome, as the main aim is to spark interest in the sport within college. We’ll have charity events throughout the year, as well as forming teams for playing in the leagues and Cuppers in Hilary Term, which is a great way of visiting other colleges and meeting new people.

  • Captain TBA


Somerville Squash Club plays in the Oxford University Squash League and Cup. In ‘men’s’ matches, teams consist of five players of either gender while ‘women’s’ matches see female-only teams of three. In both cases, all the players on each team are ranked and only play against their opposing number. The inter-College knock-out competition (Cuppers) takes place across Michaelmas and Hilary terms, culminating in the Final at Iffley in the 8th week of Hilary term. The inter-College round-robin competition (League) runs in Michaelmas and again in Hilary and, unlike Cuppers, Blues players may not play in these matches. The men’s & women’s Leagues are split into two, with the main Leagues being for College first teams and the reserve Leagues for College second and third teams. After each term, teams are promoted/relegated between the Divisions within the Leagues. The Somerville club offers access to balls, racquets and courts, and all levels of experience are welcome.

  • Jack Pegg (


While Somerville does not have a team of its own, the university runs an internal league and it may be possible to join an existing team (or enter one of our own if we get enough interest!).


One of the most popular College sports with 1636 (!) students taking part last year. In Trinity term, the University’s Croquet Club organises the Cuppers competition for which teams of four (all from the same College) can self-register, and it’s not uncommon for over 400 teams to enter! The JCR’s croquet set can be used for practice, on the lawn nearest the Wolfson building and during Trinity only, and the keys to the JCR can be borrowed from the Plodge.

Mixed Lacrosse

Lacrosse is one of Somerville’s most banterous and pioneering ventures into the world of sport. This year we have high hopes of finishing top of our group having already won three out of the five matches. The final two games will take place in Hilary and will be against tough opposition, including our rivals, New College (who have their own kit!). The matches take place between 1 and 3pm on a Sunday afternoon, a post-match pint is often a fine way to spend the afternoon. There is a Cuppers tournament which takes place on one day in Trinity term. You do not need any previous experience but you must be a fearless, energetic and enthusiastic Somervillian. There is no training, although we are happy to lend sticks on a long term basis for your own use. Extra practice is not necessary but of course would be highly valued. There are very few rules in College Lacrosse; a big game of ‘tag’ meets sword fighting.

  • Captain TBA

 Somerville Lacrosse


The Somerville College Pool Team consists of members from all years who share a common interest for pool. We organise inter-collegiate matches and optional practice sessions on our new pool table. You can attend any matches you like, so if you’re too busy one week then there’s no obligation to play! We also organise Double’s and Single’s matches during Trinity term, which are between students at other colleges. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and improve your pool skills (all levels of experience welcomed!) it’s also a great way to see all of the other Colleges’ bars!

  • Captain TBA