Freshers Guide

Welcome to Somerville – the best college in Oxford (not that we’re biased…).

Here you will find all the information you need to settle in to life at Somerville. From Battels to Bops, SOLO to Sub fusc, and all the events we have planned for Fresher’s week!

If you haven’t already, then make sure you join our Incoming Postgraduate Fresher’s Facebook group to keep up to date with event information and meet your fellow freshers, and our MCR group for when Fresher’s week is over. If you don’t have Facebook then don’t worry! The Fresher’s week event timetable can be found here and all event information will be emailed out.

If you still have unanswered questions then don’t hesitate to email a member of the exec committee, or just pop into the MCR (located in Margery Fry) where you will no doubt find lots of friendly faces willing to help out. See you soon!