Undergraduates at Leisure 1932

students-knitting-1932Several publicity shots were taken of Somerville life and buildings in about 1933.  Here is a scene of two young ladies relaxing in a room at Somerville – perhaps one of the newly built rooms in East Quad (later renamed Darbishire) ?  Does anyone recognise it as their room?

2 thoughts on “Undergraduates at Leisure 1932

  1. The corner of the room in the photo captioned ‘Undergraduates at leisure 1932’ actually looks very like House 29 where I lived in my second and final years. It definitely has a window seat like the one shown.

  2. Yes I agree it looks more like House than Darbishire – I will see if I can take a look in House 29 next time its empty and take a shot to compare!

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