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  1. Dear Librarian,
    I have a contract to do a book on Donnybrook in Old Photographs for The History Press and I have just read Enid Starkie’s autobiography A Lady’s Child published by Faber & Faber in 1941. The Starkies were a very interesting family who lived in Donnybrook for many years. I wrote to Faber and Faber and asked for permission to include one or two photographs of the Starkie Family in my book. They told me to check the acknowledgement page in the book and contact either the photographer or a member of the Starkie family for permission to use the photos. There was no acknowledgement page in the book and I have no way of contacting the executors of Dr. Enid Starkie’s estate or any member of her family. I am therefore writing to you to know if you know who I should contact for permission to use these photographs.

    I should be most grateful for your help with this request.

    I am a retired Librarian by profession with a Ph.D.

    Kind regards,

    Dr. Beatrice M. Doran

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