Who we are

Founded in 1964, the Somerville Middle Common Room (MCR) is the association for postgraduate students at Somerville. The acronym ‘MCR’ is interchangeably used to refer both to the association of students and to the physical common room shared by MCR members.

With about 175 students, our MCR is on the smaller side compared to other colleges–to our advantage, as the result has been a close-knit community of friends. Postgraduates at Somerville come from diverse academic fields, from philosophy to zoology. The MCR has historically been an international community, with members from all over the world. Somerville is an excellent place to work and study. Take a virtual YouTube tour of college (although the common room and accommodation shown in the video belong to the Junior Common Room–ours are much nicer).

Our building, Margery Fry House, is the primary postgraduate accommodation and is located on the main college site. The MCR is located on the first floor of Margery Fry and is a gathering and working space for students, with lovely comfortable furniture and ever-flowing tea and coffee. It’s not uncommon to find at least a few MCR members in the MCR at any time during the day. Off the main common room is a TV room that can be booked for student use. Our Sunday night movie sessions are quite legendary!

The MCR regularly organizes social and sporting events; join our mailing list or Facebook page to find out more.