First World War Trench

This photo was taken in France during the First World War and shows on the left, Captain W S B Bosanquet.  Bosanquet was an officer with the Coldstream Guards and the father of Philippa Foot, the eminent philosopher and Fellow of Somerville.  Mrs Foot died in October 2010 and amongst her effects was this photo and a number of letters from her father to her grandmother, Lady Bosanquet, written from the trenches.  These have now been lodged with the Imperial War Museum.

Maude Clarke

Maude Clarke was a tutor in history at Somerville from 1919 till her early death in 1935.  A noted medievalist in a still largely male academic world, she published important and sometimes controversial work on fourteenth century England with a particular focus on constitutional history.  We have eight of her publications in the College library but many more books that she gave the College during her sixteen year career at Somerville and on her death.  One of her first pupils when she arrived at Somerville was Vera Brittain who based one of the characters in her first novel Dark Tide on Maude Clarke.   

Maude Clarke was highly respected by colleagues and students for her charm, wisdom and clarity.  She was particularly valued for her contributions to college governance and administration where she combined a sense of due process with a skilful tact and diplomacy.

Maude Clarke’s study in East Quad (now Darbishire) c 1934