Peer Support

Somerville College Peer Supporters make up the main body of the JCR welfare team. Our goal is to ensure that no one in college feels isolated in their time of need.


Students who have completed a 24-hour peer support training scheme, run by The University Counselling Service (more information here). They are able to listen to you fully and talk through whatever is going on for you, without any judgement. This is completely confidential.


You bet it is! None of us are immune to bad days and, so, none of the peer supporters are for someone in particular. Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to contact them either via email/Facebook or by simply approaching them.


You can simply approach peer supporters when you see them. Alternatively, you can e-mail them or contact them on Facebook.


You’ll need to apply later in Michaelmas – look out for an application form on Facebook. If you receive a place, you’ll need to attend training in Hilary. Don’t hesitate to ask peer supporters for more details.

Peer Supporters 2020/21

Corinne Barker

Second-year Physicist.
Also one of the Welfare Officers (see bio).

Ewan Connell

Third-year historian.

I’ll keep it short and sweet.
Everyone else went for really nice pics so here is one of me squinting with questionable hair choices.

I love DOGS and Yorkshire puddings – that’s it, that’s my personality. On a more serious note, if you ever want to chat about anything then I’m always happy to talk.

Mental health sucks sometimes and there isn’t much anyone can do about that, but even just talking to someone can make a world of difference, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ellie Cooper

Third-year PPEist.

Hey! I’m Ellie, one of the Peer Supporters. Quarantine pastimes include drinking tea, watching Friday Night Lights with my sister (would recommend!), missing theatre, and generally being about half as productive as I should be (hello 3am essay nights…). Doing a remote term is tough, whether you have exams approaching, a full term of work or an odd empty term.

If you have any issues or concerns about academic work, mental health, your working and living situation (or anything else!), drop me a message and I’ll see how I can help – whether sign-posting you to the right service, just being a person to air it out to, or being an advocate for you in college matters (I have been known to write some forceful emails to tutors…).

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Fabio smiling

Fabio Rossi

Second-year PPEist.
Also our esteemed JCR President.

Heya, I’m Fabio, one of the Peer Supporters! I’m super excited to be part of the welfare team in college as it’s something I really care about and think is incredibly important, so never feel like you can’t come to me or anyone in a welfare role with worries, concerns or even if you just want a chat!

All of the peer supporters and welfare officers at Somerville have had 24 hours of training, so we’re a great resource to use. 😊

So a couple mildly embarrassing fun facts about me:
I can juggle and I’m gassed about that (only with three balls and it took me a really long time to learn so not that impressive but still…).
I can understand Lebanese Arabic but can’t speak a word which sometimes makes for hilariously awkward situations.
I’m buzzing that the Ville football team managed to avoid relegation on the last game of the season, UTV!

I know recent events mean this term and next year are going to be particularly stressful for everyone, but we’re always here to talk, so please do send me a message about anything! Big ville luv xxx

Joel Summerfield

Fourth-year Mathematician.
Also Disabilities Officer.

Hello! I’m Joel. I love everything music – listening to it, going to see it live, performing it with friends, or just playing on my own in my room (apologies to my neighbours… and my family).

I also row (sigh) – though it only makes up about 60% of my personality – and enjoy running and badminton (even if I’m rather terrible at both).

Mental health and wellbeing have always been top priorities of mine so please feel free to message me at any time with anything – be it concerns/worries or just for a friendly chat!

I’m also the JCR’s Rainbow Peer so feel free to come to me with any LGBTQ+ specific things you have on your mind!

Alice Vodden

Third -year Historian.

Hi, I’m Alice (she/her) and I’m a third-year history student and a trained peer supporter.

I’m really passionate about peer support as I know first-hand how hard it can be at Oxford.

I’m a first-generation student so all things access and welfare are super important to me; if anyone has any concerns relating to those things, I’m more than happy to do my best to help in any way I can.

Whatever your concerns are, big or small, please feel free to message me so we can have a chat.

Please see the welfare booklet for more info.