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A message from the JCR President 2020/21

Fabio smiling

Somerville was founded on the value of including the excluded.

Our college was established to allow women and those with a diversity of religious beliefs to obtain an education and this spirit is at the heart of what we do, and who we are, to this day.

It’s embedded in our community, an amazing group of students and staff from all walks of life. It’s also one of the reasons why we’re known for being incredibly friendly and laid-back, as we always aim to foster an environment where no matter who you are or where you come from, you can flourish.

Coming to university can be incredibly daunting; it’s a huge life stage and for many of us, the first time living away from home.

Ever since arriving at Somerville, the atmosphere and people I’ve met have made me feel incredibly welcomed and what’s really struck me is that so many students, myself included, really do feel like Somerville is a home away from home!

As a Junior Common Room (JCR), we continuously try to improve the lives of all undergraduates here at Somerville and strive to create a vibrant community that works for everyone, regardless of background. We liaise with College management to ensure student voices are heard, and that everyone’s time here is the best it can be.

If you are considering applying to Somerville, this is the place, along with the official college website, to find information on what Somerville has to offer, and what to expect once you arrive here.

If you are already at the Ville (as we’re affectionately called), then this blog will provide you with helpful information and quick links on everything from booking formals, to topping up food cards etc.

I am incredibly glad that I chose to apply to Somerville, as my first year here has been amazing. The community here has exceeded any hopes that I had before joining, and has allowed me to discover, learn and grow throughout my first year. I’m incredibly excited for what this year holds, and I hope you are too!!

Up the Ville,

Fabio Rossi