Welcome to the Somerville JCR website

For Prospective Students JCR Noticeboard

A message from JCR President 2018/19


Welcome to the Somerville JCR website.

We hope that this will be a very useful port of call for current students and prospective students alike.

Somerville is an immensely friendly, inclusive college and we want to do everything we can to make you feel at home. As a JCR, we are dedicated to making the lives of all undergraduates at Somerville the best they can be. We hope that this website will help students find all the information they need to thrive within our fantastic community

If you are considering applying to Somerville, this is the place to find information on what Somerville has to offer, and what to expect once you arrive here.

If you are already at Somerville, then the site will provide you with useful information on everything from booking into formals to topping up food cards.

If you have any queries on using the website or any advice on how to improve it, then please contact our IT Officer Alastair Flynn.

Above all, I hope you all have a brilliant year, and remeber, eat cake

Emannuel Amissah-Eshun