Removing old or problematic versions of Microsoft Office

Here are some tools that can help you remove an old version of Microsoft Office if you are having issues trying to install the new Office 365

Licence Removal Tool (LRT)

Office cleanup tool (OffScrub)

Access work or school

Click the windows button > your login picture > change account settings > access work or school > you should see the account you want to delete and click delete/remove

Credential Manager

Finally go and check out Credential Manager

Networks @ Somerville 2019-20

A quick introduction/reminder of what each network at Somerville College is capable of for the start of term. This might get rather technical so a quick summary:

  • The SOMERVILLE wireless network has more bandwidth available than EDUROAM or The Cloud combined. The SOMERVILLE network does not limit bandwidth per device or per user.
  • EDUROAM has a maximum capacity of 300 Mbps shared across the College.
  • The Cloud has a maximum capacity of 50 Mbps shared across the College.

All networks have their technical limits such as wireless network speeds. This can be either device or access point speed limits (iPhone has a lower max speed than an MacBook Pro). Our wireless network access points are currently capable of speeds up to 300Mps per access point.

Lunch time and evenings are the busiest times across the Somerville and University networks, slower speeds are expected at those times.

For further help or advice email or call us on 01865 2 70597.


What is it:

  • (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

Who runs it:


  • Per device limited to 50Mbps.
  • Per college limit, currently 300Mbps.

These speeds may be changing again this year.

SOMERVILLE (wired and wireless)

What is it:

  • Somerville College’s own network, connected to the University of Oxford backbone network at 1Gbps

Who runs it:


  • no per device limit, Wireless 802.11N max speed of 300Mbps
  • College limited to 1Gbps

The Cloud

What is it:

  • The Cloud is a public wireless network, available in some Oxford Colleges and Departments and lots of shops and restaurants across the UK. It is connected to the College network at 50Mbps and can get very congested.

Who runs it:

  • The Cloud
  • This public network is provided to visitors of the College, by The Cloud and is primarily aimed at visitors and guests to the College who are not members of the University or College.


  • no per device limit, Wireless 802.11N max speed of 300Mbps
  • Per college limit, 100Mbps


What is it:

  • Network for internal Somerville use only

Who runs it:

  • Somerville College
  • not available to Somerville Members


  • College limit of 4Mbps

End of year & leavers ICT advice 2019

End of term self-registration clear out Monday 8th July 2019 @ 10:30am

Computer registrations for this term are set to expire on Monday 8th July 2019 at 10:30am. Anyone who is still in College will be prompted to re-scan their computers when next connected.  Please make sure you have kept your computers updated with both security updates and anti-virus software.  Full details of the minimum system requirements may be found on the College website under Computer Requirements:


You can redirect your mail from NEXUS365 and also leave an Out of Office message, see: Of course you do not need to do this as you can access your email from anywhere via


General IT information for leavers can be found here:


Undergraduates, Visiting Students and Graduates are able to access their Nexus365 mailbox for an additional month after card expiry. The mailbox (and email addresses) will be deleted three months after card expiry.

Full details here:

During the two-month grace period:

•         Email will continue to be delivered to your mailbox unless you have taken action (see below) or until your quota is reached, but you will not be able to read these messages unless you have set up forwarding.

•         If an Out of Office message has been set up, it will continue to function (but it can’t be updated; however, student leavers are able to set or change mail forwarding via within three months of card expiry).

•         If neither a forwarding or an out-of-office message has been set up at card expiry, Nexus will set an Out-of-Office message saying This account is scheduled for deletion. It is unlikely that your message will be read. If you return, this message will be automatically removed.

Once your mailbox has been deleted, no email forwarding will occur and no Out of Office messages will be sent. Email sent to your mailbox will be returned to the sender as undeliverable. Once deleted, your mailbox data are kept on tape for a short time before being deleted.

Further information on what happens to your email account at the end of your course is available on the University and IT Services websites:,

Nexus365 (Office365 from the University IT Services)

See the new advice from central IT Services:

OFFICE365 with KUVUTU/onthehub (not Nexus365)

Please remember to download a copy of all your documents before your Office365 account expires with OnTheHub, this is a 3rd party service, contact information for support can be found here:


Sophos offer a Free Anti-Virus product for personal use and is available from:

        Sophos Home:

Always uninstall other anti-virus products before installing a new one.

3rd -> 4th YEARS

If you were originally registered on a three-year course, be aware that the expiry date of your University Card is the expiry date of your email account. If this date is this summer please contact the Academic Office, (, to request a new University Card for your fourth year. Your email account will be extended to the expiry date on your new Card. Please include in your request email your full name, and the reason you are requesting a new Card.


Please make sure you keep your computer and anti-virus software updated, when you return you will need to once again use the self-registration system which will check you have done so.


You will be treated as someone who leaves and starts as a new person in Michaelmas Term.  This will mean that you may have to wait for the creation of new accounts including email.  Technically, if your university card expires during the vacation you are not considered a member of the University and may need to renew your card before access can be restored.


Please backup your files store on College servers to removable media – while we will take all efforts to keep your data intact, and have not lost any to date, no guarantees are given that any existing files will be in your account next term.

32gb USB 3.0 Memory sticks are available from the Lodge

Wishing those of you returning a good break, and those leaving us good luck with whatever the future brings you,

Somerville IT Office

01865 2 70597

Phishing email about Nexus Mailbox

Dear All,

We have noticed a new phishing email that’s been going around warning users their mailbox is set to expire unless action is taken. The email appears to be from IT Service Desk <>.
Please be mindful that neither ourselves nor IT Services will ever ask you to confirm/verify/renew/activate/reactivate your account details or mailbox details to continue service.

A copy of the email has been attached below:

if you believe you may have fallen for such an email please contact us immediately, either via phone on 01865 270597 (please do leave a voicemail message stating your account/SSO id) or via our service desk

For further advice and support on dealing with phishing emails please see:

‘Join a Team’ on Teams!

Joining a team has never been easier.
You can now join your Team using a short code!

“Teams Tab”

Under the Teams’ tab, you can select “Join or create a team”.

Join a Team

To join your Team, you should be given a code consisting both numbers and letters.

Enter your code into “Join a team with a code” to begin!


Microsoft Office 365 (Nexus365) first time login

To begin using Microsoft Office 365 products such as Forms and Teams you can visit the online site using the general Portal link or one of the direct links:

Or you may have been sent a link to fill in an online Microsoft Form or join in with a Microsoft Team, if so please do use the link you were sent (as long as it’s from a trusted source!) as it will take you to the correct Form to complete once you have logged it.

Once you click a valid Office365 link you will be presented with the Microsoft Sign in page:

Enter your Oxford email address on the Sign in page and Microsoft will then redirect you to the familiar WebAuth pages for the University of Oxford Single Sign-On. Here you can enter your normal SSO username and password:

Once you are logged in, you should will be directed to either the general landing page or to a product specific page depending on which link you used.

AV Facilities – update January 2019

For internal AV support booking requests please <click here>

You can now set your slides to widescreen in all College AV rooms (MTC, FAH, ERR, NPR, Park 5) with screens. To find details of how to do this in PowerPoint <click here>.

College Digital Signage

Lodge entrance and Library loggia

If you are preparing material for display on either of these screens please note that the best resolution to send images or slides is:

  • 1920 pixels by 972 pixels, to find details of how to do this in PowerPoint <click here>


A brilliant bright new LCD screen has now replaced the ageing back-projector system.

Early investigations into optional speaker configurations may begin later this year.


Microphones have been re-balanced so that there is now a consistent experience when using the different types of microphones (handheld, lapel, desk or lectern).

The lectern now has two microphones, one on each side of the speaker so that there is less chance of audio loss due to the speakers head movement. The length of the microphones has also been adjusted.

Further improvements to the lectern and stage area are being investigated this term (Hilary 2019).

Dining Hall

Microphones have been re-balanced so that there is now a consistent experience when using them, one microphone has been set to be used from the mic stand for speeches, this is marked with a white label. The other three microphones can be used as normal handheld microphones for Q&A etc.

Further improvements on the older amplification equipment is being investigated.

College Chapel

Microphones have been re-balanced so that there is now a consistent experience when using the different types of microphones (handheld, lectern).

Early investigations into potential speaker improvements may begin later this year.

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Unsupported devices

The University and College wireless network use a connection protocol called 802.1x which uses special security principals which are not supported on a number of home (consumer) devices. University’s that use eduroam (and most of them do) are using 802.1x.

With that in mind, we have tried to compile a list of wireless home devices that do not work in College. This list is forever changing as more and more wifi only devices are created. Some devices have the option of using a cable, the XBOX and PS4 are two of these and if you use the cable to connect in your room (where available) it will work (you will need to bring such devices to the ICT Helpdesk to register them with us in person). The Amazon Alexa Echo only uses wireless and consequently will not work in College. Please bear this in mind when deciding to bring devices to use in your College bedroom.

The following devices do not work on the University wireless network:

  • Smart TV’s
  • Amazon Fire Stick & Amazon Fire
  • Amazon Alexa (Echo)
  • Google Chromecast
  • Google Chromebook
  • XBOX
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Fitbits
  • Printers
  • PVR
  • Apple TV
  • Apple time capsule
  • Sonos Speakers

This is not an exhaustive list, please ensure all devices support 802.1X (not to be confused with 802.11)