Nagoya – 25th October 2010

I woke at 03.00, one of the pitfalls of international travel being jet lag. By 04.00 I was working on talks for the rest of the meeting. After meeting the rest of the GLOBE Team at breakfast I returned to my room to work on talks for the rest of the day. In the late afternoon I went to the Congress Centre via the underground train which was extremely efficient and busy. The GLOBE report on Valueing Natural Capitol was nearing completion and the day seemed to have gone very well, with a large number of Parliamentarians in the audience. We then left the Congress Centre by coach for a restaurant.

At this point I must confess that I had been told horror stories about Japanese cuisine. What followed that evening confirmed by experience of the past few days in that the food was truly wonderful. Dish after small dish of beautifully presented and delicious morsels followed. Our Japanese hosts then initiated and evening of multinational Karaoke, singing and dancing which lightened the meeting wonderfully and created a very social atmosphere. We were sitting at a table with the delegation from Zambia, who turned out by far to have the best voices of all those present and three of them sung a wonderful national song in harmony.

I headed straight for bed on return to the hotel. Tomorrow began with me talking about the state of the marine ecosystem globally.

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