1921 Group with Professor Gilbert Murray


A group of tutors and students from 1921 under the Principalship of Emily Penrose (seated in the second row from the front directly under the central pillar). Sitting next to Miss Penrose is Professor Gilbert Murray, noted Classical scholar, internationalist and strong supporter of women’s higher education.  He was a member of the Somerville Council from 1908 to 1957 and chaired the Library Committee untill a few months before his death at the age of 91. 

Members of staff are featured in the second row and include Hilda Lorimer, Emily Penrose, Alice Bruce, Mildred Pope, Maude Clarke and Vera Farnell. Unfortunately we do not have student names for this photo and we would be very interested if anyone can provide any information about them – please use the comments box below or email the library@some. ox.ac.uk 1921-and-gilbertmurray

4 thoughts on “1921 Group with Professor Gilbert Murray

  1. I am afraid I can’t enlarge the photo to see it very well, but am I right that Maude Clarke is in the second row, 7th from the left (looking slightly to the left and apparently wearing a tie)? Her nephew, Richard Clarke, mentioned something about her sartorial style often including a tie. This is a wonderful photo!

  2. Just found this, Maude Clarke is my great aunt. My mother Gillian Mellidew (Clarke) is still alive and living in Oxford. She is now 85. Spent some of last year looking for more information on Maude with regards to short film idea and linked up with a Richard Locke who is grandson of Ruby Warner who was also at Somerville who had quite a lot of information on Maude. Would be lovely to know if you have further information on Maude.

    Helen Mellidew

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