‘Buddhism as a religion’ translated by E.G. Kemp, 1910

Somerville’s records show that Kemp translated a book on Buddhism. Until now, I have not been able to find a listing of this book. However in the library of Estlin Carpenter (former Principal of Harris Manchester College and scholar of comparative religion) I found ‘Buddhism as a Religion: its histroical development and its present conditions’ by H. Hackmann (1910). Although not mentioned by name, the author refers to the translator – ‘a lady who herself is personally acquainted with the Far East, having travelled in China twice for a considerable time’ (p.ix). Kemp┬árefers to this volume elsewhere in her writings as a good reference book for further information about Buddhism.

Buddhist shrine by E. G. Kemp

A Buddhist shrine painted by E. G. Kemp at Yen-Tang Shan, China

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